Old on the outside - new on the inside

TAS-Power has years of experience designing and manufacturing automation cabinets. This means we are able to update outdated cabinets or components and thus extend the useful life of the equipment if it is otherwise still usable.kolmekeskusta.jpg

Do not give up your old equipment without an assessment

When it comes to electrical automation, your equipment is not necessarily obsolete just because it's old. Your old equipment may not need to be replaced just because the logic has become outdated or broken down.

TAS-Power has modernised a wide variety of automation equipment that was originally going to be replaced with new equipment. It is possible to create considerable savings by modernising/repairing old equipment. In some cases we are able to double the useful life of your equipment! Check out our reference here.

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Everything under one roof

Our services cover the entire electrical automation production process from design to commissioning. We also offer consulting services within our range of services, and in larger projects we can work as a part of the team. We also offer complete cabinets made according to pre-existing plans.