• Industrial logic (PLC) 
  • Operating panel (HMI) 
  • Fieldbus supervision (SCADA) 
  • Remote monitoring (WEB, TOSIBOX)

We specialize in industrial automation

Our software expertise covers industrial logics, operating panels and control rooms from well-known manufacturers such as Siemens, Telemecanique and Omron.

Whether it's about a single PLC or a fieldbus between several PLCs, a decentralized IO or remote monitoring via the internet, the opportunities for improving productivity and usability through automation are limitless. Our staff has years of experience working on automation projects.

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Everything under one roof

Our services cover the entire electrical automation production process from design to commissioning. We also offer consulting services within our range of services, and in larger projects we can work as a part of the team. We also offer complete cabinets made according to pre-existing plans.