A good installation guarantees easy maintenance

Based on our experience we can take into account the future need for maintenance. When the installation is specifically designed for the location and performed by professionals, future maintenances are easier and you won't need to get an electrician to unplug the wiring just to e.g. clean a valve.

Different locations require different installation methods

Our extensive experience helps us select the ideal installation methods for even the most demanding environments. We are also experts on the installation methods approved by marine classification societies.

We often need to consider the following issues in challenging installation locations

  • what effect do vibrations have? 
  • what is the highest potential humidity percentage in the location? 
  • summer and winter temperatures? 
  • does the sun shine directly at the installation location?

Many things are easy to overlook when planning an installation project. It is a common mistake to only think of installation as a small part of the project, when in fact even a small detail may cause significant trouble in the future!

Work is not complete until the paperwork is done

This saying holds true for us as well. All of the measurements required by regulations are performed and documented with care. We also believe it is important to clean the work area as agreed after the job is finished.

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Everything under one roof

Our services cover the entire electrical automation production process from design to commissioning. We also offer consulting services within our range of services, and in larger projects we can work as a part of the team. We also offer complete cabinets made according to pre-existing plans.