A well-planned commissioning process minimizes downtime

Having to stop a production line or a process can be extremely expensive. The considerable experience we have on the commissioning of automation systems and electrical cabinets in challenging locations helps us minimize downtime. Our long experience helps us prevent various problems in advance. Parts of the commissioning process can often be carried out before the product is even delivered to the customer. TAS-Power can offer strong expertise in simulating various systems as a part of the testing process. All of the cabinets and systems we deliver to our customers are carefully tested.

Connecting different systems is one of our specialties.

TAS-Power specializes in challenging environments. We have delivered systems for production lines and many demanding applications such as oil rigs, heavy industry, cruise ships and other places where our products are a part of a very complex entity. The equipment must be reliable and able to function well with third-party control systems, as a part of the whole.

A thorough commissioning means reliable operation

Even though all of the systems and cabinets we deliver have been thoroughly tested, our experienced staff supports the customer during commissioning. This enables us to react quickly, should problems arise. During commissioning, thorough documentation is created and all the required measurements are performed. Thorough operating models and documentation reduce the risk of accidents and ensure that everything gets done.

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Everything under one roof

Our services cover the entire electrical automation production process from design to commissioning. We also offer consulting services within our range of services, and in larger projects we can work as a part of the team. We also offer complete cabinets made according to pre-existing plans.